Win a book bundle from Simon & Schuster


    From unicorns to ponies with special powers, there’s a story and a picture to inspire every child this season…


    Sophie Johnson: Unicorn Expert by Morag Hood & Ella Okstad
    A wonderfully humorous story, from a new picture book dream-team, Morag Hood and Ella Okstad about a unicorn hiding in plain sight and a little girl who is totally oblivious to his presence despite being a self-declared Unicorn Expert! 


    The Secret Sky Garden by Linda Sarah & Fiona Lumbers
    Funni loves the old, disused car park, and decides to create a garden in the neglected space, her very own garden in the sky! One day, a little boy, Zoo, spots the square of colour amongst the grey and goes to find it. Soon, flowers aren’t the only things to bloom in the garden, but a very special friendship blossoms too!


    Gary’s Banana Drama by Jane Massey
    Featuring banana dogs, banana moustaches, banana space rockets and an adorable, banana-mad gorilla, this hilarious and vibrant picture book will make children hoot with laughter and fall in love with the hapless Gary.


    Princess Evie’s ponies: Willow the Magic Forest Pony by Sarah KilBride & Sophie Tilley

    Princess Evie is crazy about her ponies. But Princess Evie’s ponies aren’t like any other ponies – oh no! Her ponies are magic. With press-out pieces and a dressing-up element to play with, kids will love bringing Evie’s adventures to life!

    You could win all four of these books, as Simon & Schuster is giving away five sets, along with a Book Den tote bag. Plus, if you love picture and story books then sign up to the Book Den at – the dedicated platform from Simon & Schuster Children’s Books.