Win a dental kit from Jack N’ Jill Kids

    Jack N' Jill

    Australian natural care brand Jack N’ Jill Kids has struck a chord with children around the world, with its all-natural formula turning tooth brushing into a fun and safe experience rather than a chore.

    The winning combination of natural ingredients and biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging has seen Jack N’ Jill conquer the dental market for kids in Australia and overseas – it’s now sold in more than 35 countries worldwide. Developed by Melbourne-based couple Rachel and Justin Bernhaut, the original Jack N’ Jill toothpaste was first established in 1949 and distributed by Justin’s family. Today its updated formulation and new branding is proving to be more popular than ever with parents and kids alike.

    In an age where people are increasingly looking to make the switch from chemical-laden products to more safe and natural substitutes, Jack N’ Jill is providing parents with a choice and a natural alternative for their children’s oral care. In fact, it is the only kid’s toothpaste brand recognised by the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep researchers to have a danger score of ‘1’ – the safest rating possible.

    Not holding back, the brand has expanded its product line to include toothbrushes – with manual, musical electric and silicone brushes – and gum and tooth wipes – perfect for cleaning gums and first teeth – as well as rinse cups and accessories, with minimal packaging that is biodegradable, recyclable and BPA free. Additionally, in 2017 the range diversified with Jack N’ Jill Kids adding an all natural Bath Time offering, including bubble bath, body & hair wash and moisturiser.

    We’ve teamed up with Jack N’ Jill to give away four gift sets, each worth £24.99; the winners can choose between the Dino kit or the Koala kit:

    Dino Gift Kit contains: Banana Toothpaste; Dino Bio Brush; Dino Rinse Cup; Sleep Over Bag; Silicone Finger Brush Twin Pack

    Koala Gift Kit contains: Raspberry Toothpaste; Koala Bio Brush; Koala Rinse Cup; Sleep Over Bag; Silicone Finger Brush Twin Pack

    To be in with a chance of winning, simply enter your details in to the form below. Good luck!

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