Anna Whitehouse AKA Mother Pukka Launches ‘Tinder for Flexible Working’

    WorkYourWay, created by mum-of-two Anna Whitehouse AKA Mother Pukka, has officially launched, to match both parents and non-parents with their dream flexible working roles.

    Anna Whitehouse
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    Today, a new flexible working job site, WorkYourWay, has officially launched to match parents and others with their dream flexible working roles across the globe.

    Dubbed ‘Tinder for Flex,’ WorkYourWay is underpinned by a unique ‘flexibase’ algorithm that generates percentage scores for roles and candidates to help them to find their perfect flex match. The new site aims to bring total transparency to a job market filled with smoke and mirrors when it comes to flex.

    Credit: WorkYourWay

    The brainchild of both Tim Grimes and Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka, WorkYourWay has been designed to help companies fill roles that are sitting empty by bringing to life the flexible working policy that underpins every company and every role across all industries. Research has shown that 9 in 10 (87%) people want to work flexibly, yet just 1 in 4 jobs advertise flexible working today.

    Anna Whitehouse, broadcaster and founder of Flex Appeal, says: “Flexible working isn’t just for mums or dads. It’s for everyone. And Tim and I have come together to launch a job-matching solution that will truly change how we work.

    “If companies are serious about inclusivity and diversity in the workplace and want to play their role in closing the gender pay gap, they will join our fight for change, one job at a time. We’re bringing jobs to the market with a side of Flex Appeal.

    “For decades, we have all kept our lives and struggles secret, desperately trying to work around an archaic 9-5 pm work day that dials right back to the Industrial Revolution. Now it’s time for change; enough is enough.

    “WorkYourWay is our grassroots movement to bring all companies into the 21st century with a truly flexible job search for candidates. This is for everyone who has been denied flexible working and those desperately seeking – the power is shifting – and we’re making flexible working the norm, not the special request for job hunters today.”

    Credit: WorkYourWay

    Busy parents looking for jobs that fit in with their lifestyle with the kids can access the new site now; hundreds of companies are already listed. Candidates can search the site for flex-forward companies and jobs, filtering from 23 options to find their dream flex. Filters include; working patterns, workload, workplace and life events, enabling candidates to provide total clarity on their work-life arrangement before applying for the role.

    Last year Anna Whitehouse and Sir Robert McAlpine released a new ‘Flexonomics report’ which revealed that flexible working is worth £37bn to the economy. A 50% increase in flexible working rates could result in a net economic gain of £55bn. The current economic challenges this could support are endless.

    Tim Grimes, Co-Founder of WorkYourWay, comments, “We want to breathe transparency into job hunting for flex. For the people who are looking for flex and for the companies that are hiring. It’s no longer an optional extra, it’s essential for most people, and yet the majority of roles don’t mention flexible working at all in their advertising.

    “Often the company does offer flexible working, but for some reason or another, they haven’t put it in the advert. We want to change all of this, to shift the power dynamic and make flex a level playing field for all. If you have the flex that candidates are looking for, you’ll get your match, and vice versa.”

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