Baby Names

    Traditional, celebrity-inspired or trendy, how do you choose the perfect name for your Little Darling?

    baby names

    As anyone who has already had a baby knows, finding the perfect name is something of a trial. Not only does it have to sound good with your last name (and make sure the initials don’t spell anything embarrassing) but you have to think ahead, too – if you choose a popular name, will there be hundreds of little Ameilas and Harrys by the time they get to school? Will people be able to spell and pronounce it? Do you mind if people shorten it? Here are some of the top names of 2013 to help you choose, plus some seasonal suggestions.

    Some of the top names of 2013

    1. Harry
    2. Oliver
    3. Jack
    4. Charlie
    5. Jacob

    1. Amelia
    2. Olivia
    3. Jessica
    4. Emily
    5. Lily

    The top Three in America

    1. Noah
    2. Oscar
    3. Oliver

    1. Ava
    2. Freya
    3. Ella

    Seasonal Names

    There are many names that reflect the seasons of the year.

    Winter Babies

    Spring Babies

    Make Me Famous!

    Celebrities are renowned for coming up with unusual choices. Here’s a round up of the latest celeb baby names.

    Kate Middleton and Prince William:
    George Alexander Louis

    Kim Kardashian and Kayne West:
    North West

    Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez:
    Maceo Martinez

    Michael Bublé and Lusiana Lopilato:
    Noah Bublé

    Get more inspiration from this sweet book  Baby Names by Laura Emerson, £9.99, Ryland Peters.

    baby names