A-Z of back to school

    Our guide to making going back to school rock…

    A  is for apple. APPLE

    Obviously an academic essential. It is also, conveniently, the shape of this wonderful teacher’s rules hanging plaque (£8.99,borngifted.co.uk). This multi-purpose sign serves as a sweet introduction to school life for new-starters as well as an original gift for an extra-special teacher.

    B is for book.             BOOK

    Those apprehensive about their first day might like Lauren Child’s I Am Too Absolutely Small for School (£6.99, Orchard) because, after all,  we’ve all felt too absolutely small at one point.

    C is for classroom.

    For a child starting school for the first time it’s important for them to get a sense of their new environment. A pre-school trip is often a great idea and can normally be arranged with the school.


    BALLETD is for dancing!

    Extra curricular activities are the key to a broad education.For any budding ballerinas, we love Trotters’ adorable range of tutus, leotards and dance shoes and wish we were small enough to fit into them (Tutu £29.99, Ballet shoes £12.99, trotters.co.uk). 

    E is for education.

    See our education consultant William Stadlen in our Sept/Oct issue on choosing the right first school for your Little Londoner.

    F is for friends. 

    Socialising is one of the most important lessons a child will learn at school. GAME

    G is for games. 

    School may be serious but play is still one of the most useful facets of your child’s life. Make sure there is always time for fun! We love this chess game
    (£26, bobokids.co.uk).

    H is for haircuts.

    So ubiquitous are Trotters haircuts with the back to school rush that there are actually hairdressers working there who fondly remember their own Trotters school haircut. And, with the launch of their new hairdressing loyalty card, there’s never been a better time to book that all-important back to school cut! Parents start scrambling for a coveted seat in front of Trotters’ famous tropical aquariums – all of which feature a sucker fish called George – as early as August. Ranging in price from £13 to £16, a Trotters haircut is a special experience, with each child given a Dunwoody chocolate coin and celebratory sticker. There’s also good news for patient siblings tagging along as Trotters hairdresser Joanne Sharp let us in on a secret – they may be in for a chocolate coin too!

    I is for imagination

    Creative writing and play are a great means of broadening and strengthening your child’s education.

    JOTTER J is for jotters.

     Getting your children into the habit of carrying a notebook and writing is the best means of improving their spelling in this age of  spellcheck and autocorrect. Why not treat older kids to a beautiful leather notebook from Smythson?
    (£65, smythson.com). 

     K is for kick about.

     After a summer of World Cup excitement, show off your sportiness and exercise in the new school year with your active Little      Londoners.  

      L is for lunch.

     We love Graze’s new range of boxes for kids, complete with puzzles to keep them entertained as well as tasty and nutritious snacks (graze.com).

    M is for maths.

    Help make numbers approachable from an early age for your Little Londoner by encouraging basic maths in everyday life outside school. Try this great ‘See Inside Maths’ MATHSbook (£9.99, gltc.co.uk). 

    N is for names.

    ‘If you forget your name it’s sewn on somewhere’ is a great truism for early school years. Keep belongings from getting lost at tinyme.co.uk with a great range of sticky and iron-on name labels. 

    O is for organisation.

    This is less of a chore with great desktop accessories and study aids. We love Post-It’s cute cat-shaped note dispenser (£7.72 post-it.com). 

    P is for pencil case.

    For children in a uniformed school, a pencil case can be a rare opportunity for a dash of personality. Mr Men pencil cases from John Lewis are our favourites (£7.99, johnlewis.com).

    Q is for questions. 

    Early years are the most important time for children to indulge their curiosity. Encourage your child to ask questions about the world around them and to always ask their teacher if they don’t understand. 

    SATCHELR is for rucksacks.

    For stylish school packing we love Miniséri’s Ambition satchel (£79.50, en.smallable.com). 

    S is for shoes.

    Kids will put their best foot forward in Trotters’ fabulous range of back to school shoes. Our favourites are Hampton’s Harvard high shine loafers (£54.99) and their George and Katie classics (£49.99, trotters.co.uk).

    T is for teacher.

    Building a good relationship and line of communication with the class teacher is the best way of keeping informed about your child’s progress.

    U is for uniform. 

    Whether it’s strictly blazers and caps or smart casual, it’s good to make sure your little one is always school style savvy. 

    V is for vroooom! 

    Buck the scooter trend with some good old-fashioned cycling. This Apollo Cherry Lane bike (£89.99, halfords.com) will make the school run a treat. But don’t forget your  BIKEhelmets!

    W is for warm. 

    School heralds the beginning of colder weather. Keep your kiddies as stylish as they are snug in Ver de Terre’s Eskimo Down Coat (£143, iglookids.co.uk).

    X is for xylophone. 

    What a great way to introduce your children to music and also, frankly, one of the only words beginning with x. 

    COAT2Y is for YOU!

    Parents play a key role in any child’s education, especially at such a young age. Keep up with your child’s learning and always be ready to help.

    Z is for Zzzzzzzzzzz

    After a long day at school make sure your Little Londoners get a good night’s sleep! 




    For more on Back to School see the Sept/Oct issue of Little London: out on 22 Aug.  

    For full listings of private schools across the UK take a look at Independent School Parent’s autumn Guide to Independent Schools HERE.


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