14 of the Best Podcasts for Kids


    If you’re in search for an alternative to excessive screen time, these podcasts for kids are a great way to keep little ones entertained.

    In today’s digital age, many parents have growing concerns over their children’s screen time. With such easy access to laptops, phones and TV’s, it has become a mission to pry little eyes away from glowing monitors. Finding an alternative can be difficult, but we may have found the answer: podcasts! 

    With many adults having jumped on the podcast popularity train, the same is happening for our youngsters. A slew of podcasts for kids have taken over the likes of Spotify, iTunes and Acast, diving into a range of topics from science, to storytelling, geography, music and more.

    We’ve discovered our personal favourites that are both kid-friendly and even something the whole family can enjoy, be it Mum, Dad, tweens or toddlers. 

    The Best Science Podcasts for Kids

    Brain’s On!


    What it’s all about: Join host Molly Bloom, with a different little co-host each week as they find out fascinating facts about our world. Also, don’t be fooled, this podcast is not just for kids so parents can get involved as well. After all, they do champion that “there’s no age limit on curiosity”.

    Our favourite episode: Meet Gitanjali Rao, Time Magazine’s first-ever Kid of the Year – if this doesn’t inspire you we don’t know what will! 

    Tumble: Science Podcast For Kids


    What it’s all about: A science podcast by scientists, for families! Explore the mysterious, scientific world with trusty guides Lindsay and Marshall. Not only will you look into various subject matter, but this podcast looks to foster a genuine passion for science with a fun storytelling format.

    Our favourite episode: The Science of Your Favourite Foods – caution, you may be left feeling hungry after. 

     Fun Kids Science Weekly


    What it’s all about: This wacky podcast will take you through the weirdest and coolest topics in science! From ant zombies to tea making robots, Dan and his team leave no stone unturned. Make sure to check out their website too for events, book recommendations, learning tools and competitions.

    Our favourite episode: The Biggest Flying Creature EVER and Ethical Hacker Rupert Goodwins! – so much covered and oh so engaging!

    Aaron’s World


    What it’s all about: A kid’s science podcast with a twist! Presented in an exhilarating, episodic story format, this colourful adventure podcast transports you directly into a world filled with dinosaurs, time travel, robots and everything in between.

    Our favourite episode: Episode 01 Allosaurus – best to start from the beginning with this one, just like reading a book!

    The Best Story Podcasts for Kids



    What it’s all about: Audio immersive imagination company GoKidGo, works to bring a series of sensational stories to life. The podcast was launched by New York Times bestselling children’s author Patrick Carman, entrepreneur Jennifer Clary and film/TV executive and producer Maia Glikman. If this wasn’t enough the veteran production team includes the likes of: Emmy Award – winning Llama Llama and Hey Arnold! writer Joe Purdy, and three time Emmy nominee and Annie Award nominee music director Mike Himelstein. With so much talent behind the show, the stories are truly second to none. But don’t take our word for it – let your little ones listen to their first episode today.

    Our favourite episode: Bobby Wonder – for general frivolity and crime fighting silliness. 

    Story Seeds


    What it’s all about: Story Seeds is a literary podcast with a difference. The show strives to fuel and showcase children’s creativity and imagination. Each episode pairs a child with a story and a famous author. These story ideas or ‘seeds’ are given to the writer, who then completes an entirely original story that you get to hear on the show. Innovative, brilliant and entirely heartwarming – this is one you don’t want to miss.

    Our favourite episode: The View From The Top – Chris Grabenstein and Jasper

    Story Pirates


    What it’s all about: Similarly to Story Seeds, the Story Pirates adopt kids’ ideas and bring them to life in the form of real life children’s stories. Made up of a group of top comedians, musicians and best selling authors, these talented creatives work together to make children’s imaginations a reality – at least on paper! 

    Our favourite episode:  I’m Toast, Man / The Adventures of Harold Jordan – A Johnny Cash style song that is strangely catchy and a story about a celebrity’s first television experience.

    Book Club for Kids


    What it’s all about: Parents – you may understand the struggles of getting your kids to pick up a book, but a book club may be just the ticket. Cue The Book Club For Kids – each episode lasts for 20 minutes and features a different group of students discussing their favourite book, an interview with an author and a special celebrity reading.

    Our favourite episode: James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl – an undisputed classic! 

    The Best Educational Podcasts for Kids

    Dream Big Podcast


    What it’s all about: Mum and Daughter duo, Eva Karpman and Olga Karpman join forces to interview a selection of the world’s most inspiring individuals. From the likes of Dr. Edith Eger, James Lawrence, Michelle Poler and more, each episode certainly lives up to its title’s key message.

    Our favourite episode: Bethany Hamilton, Legendary Surfer On How To Be Unstoppable – an incredible story that serves an important life lesson on resilience and overcoming your fears. 

    The Sesame Street Podcast


    What it’s all about: Sesame Street has become a household name in their own right. Join the iconic crew including Elmo, Abbey, the Cookie Monster and Grover, as they give lessons on friendship, patience and sharing. These episodes are less than 10 minutes long, providing the perfect little snippet of entertainment for younger children.

    Our favourite episode: C is for Cookie Monster – because who doesn’t love cookies?

    But Why: A Podcast for Curiouser Kids


    What it’s all about: Got a question? You’ll probably find the answer in one of the episodes from: ‘But Why: A Podcast For Curiouser Kids’. No question is deemed too silly or turned away here. This expert general knowledge podcast covers just about every topic, and this is certainly no understatement. What’s more the show is entirely guided by a panel of bright and brilliant kids. So whether you, your son or daughter have asked you, “Why do things seem scary in the dark?” or “Are llamas ticklish?”, this is the podcast for you.

    Our favourite episode: “Why Do We Have To Go To School? this one may prove useful for all the Mum’s and Dad’s out there. 

    The Happy Podcast For Kids


    What it’s all about: Another question and answer podcast because you can never have too many! The Happy Podcast takes a slightly different approach whereby all children are invited to ask any question they so choose. These are then answered by an exciting global cast of guests. Get ready to hear from rock stars, scientists, architects and ice-cream makers alike!

    Our favourite episode: A new podcast with episodes coming very, very soon! But have a listen to their trailer for a taste of what’s to come. 

    Music Podcasts for Kids

    The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl


    What it’s all about: Tune in to this weekly 2 hour program of “kindie”, family friendly music. This is not your average radio station and definitely not what you might think of when one says “childrens music”. The perfect way to start your family day this weekend!

    Our favourite episode: All of them!

    David Walliam’s Marvellous Musical Podcast


    What it’s all about: Last but not least, we had to include best selling children’s author David Walliam’s recent foray into podcast mayhem. His Marvelous Musical Podcast provides an insight into classical composers, ballet and even the world’s strangest instruments, all delivered in typical Walliam’s fashion.

    Our favourite episode: Weird instruments – witty, eccentric and simply, well, marvellous! 

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