The best science books for kids

    science books
    Illustration from ‘Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System’

    Emma O’Donovan rounds up the best science books for kids


    Age 2-4: Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System by Dominic Walliman and Ben Newman
    Embark on a mission of discovery with Professor Astro Cat. A perfect introduction to space for young readers. £7.24, Flying Eye Books

    Age 2-4: Fox In The Night by Martin Jenkins and Richard Smythe
    This beautifully illustrated story about a young fox gently introduces the concept of light and dark, with questions to get little ones thinking. £11.99, Walker Books

    Age 2-4: You Choose In Space by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart
    Space-themed story combinations will keep budding astronauts entertained for hours in this bright and engaging book filled with joyful illustrations. £7.69, Puffin



    Age 5-7: Lift-The-Flap Periodic Table by Alice James
    Discover the 118 elements that are smelly, explosive, radioactive and essential to life, in this brilliantly accessible book for mini chemists. £7.75, Usborne 



    Age 5-7: 13 ½ Incredible Things You Need To Know About Everything
    For children with an appetite for knowledge, these pages are filled with fascinating facts covering 80 subjects. £14.99, Dorling Kindersley 



    Age 5-7: Lift-The-Flap First Questions & Answers: What Are Germs?
    Take a closer look at those mischievous, microscopic bacteria in this fascinating introduction to hygiene, with tips on hand-washing and staying healthy. £7.99, Usborne 



    Age 8-10: How To Be A Scientist by Steve Mould
    With 37 experiments to try, this book will unlock the scientist within, encouraging inquisitive children to discover more about the world around them. £7.94, Dorling Kindersley



    Age 8-10: Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed The World by Rachel Ignotofsky
    A stunning book celebrating the contributions of 50 trailblazing women. £9.09, Wren & Rook

    Age 8-10: The Amazing Animal Atlas by Nick Crumpton and Gaia Bordicchia
    Amazing fold-out landscapes envelope the reader in this definitive exploration of biodiversity. A bookshelf essential for nature enthusiasts of all ages.  £25, Flying Eye Books



    Interactive: DIY Slime by Karina Garcia
    This cool and clever book contains 15 different recipes for slime to make in your own kitchen. Let the fun and chaos commence! £3, Studio Books



    Interactive: Horrible Science: Explosive Experiments
    Safety goggles at the ready! Create and launch a rocket, watch a volcano erupt, and make a lava lamp. Each box is packed full of awesome experiments. £13.50, Toys R Us 


    Interactive: Pinball Science: Everything That Matters About Matter by Ian Graham and Owen Davey
    Everything you need to create your very own pinball machine, while learning about concepts like gravity and force. £15.88, QEB Publishing

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