A bike perfectly fit for your child

    Frog Bikes

    As parents, we want our children to get the best start in life and for them to grow into happy, healthy and successful grown-ups, but increasingly parents face daily battles with ‘screen time’ – whether it’s TV, games or even just phones. However, introducing kids to cycling from an early age not only gets them outdoors and away from the dreaded screens, but encourages a passion for an active lifestyle

    Say hello to Frog Bikes…

    Frog Bikes is a small British company dedicated to making cycling fun for children. Its high quality, lightweight kids bikes will have your little ones enjoying life on two wheels in no time. Many parents are uncertain about which bike to go for and often end up buying a bike featuring the latest kids’ novelty character, but if the bike is really heavy the child struggles to learn and keep up.

    It’s the little things…

    A lightweight bike, which is correctly fitted to the child, is easier to learn on, allows the user to develop skills quickly and keep up with mum and dad. Every part of a Frog Bike is designed specifically for smaller riders, so the bike is the best fit possible and easier to handle. Frog uses child friendly parts such as easy to reach brake levers and gear shifters that fit smaller hands.

    Frog Bikes are also only available through independent bike shops, which means the bike is correctly assembled and fitted by a qualified mechanic. They can also be traded in through the Leap Frog scheme – which is great news when you need the next size of bike (especially as they hold their value really well).

    Owning a Frog Bike is a commitment to an active and healthy future. For our kids, it’s about learning skills, gaining confidence and most importantly having fun!

    To find your nearest London Frog Stockist visit frogbikes.com/find-your-nearest-store


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