Kids’ birthday parties that everyone will love


    Booking kids parties in London can be a bit of a minefield, especially when you’re at the stage where you still have to invite the whole class. So, what can you choose that will keep the boys and girls equally happy, without breaking the bank in the process? Well, after some undercover research, and listening to recommendations from other mums, I managed to find two parties for my kids (Jago, who turned six and Georgia who turned three) which proved a rip-roaring success, provided by the brilliant Funky Moves and Artful Toddler.

    Jago’s Funky Moves 6th Birthday Party

    A chilly winter’s day in a community hall on Wandsworth Common and in come bounding three high-energy girls from the Funky Moves team. I already have a good feeling about this. Jago is sharing his party with his chum from school Sophia, and they have invited 35 of their nearest and dearest for a two hour danceathon. My only concern is that the boys won’t go for it, but as soon as everyone has arrived, the Funky Moves girls have their full attention, with a range of warm up activities and games alongside the dancing.

    They practice the routine a few times from start to finish – I’m amazed nobody is self-conscious and they all seem to be enjoying themselves – before breaking for tea. We provide this, and the venue, but after the kids have eaten, the Funky Moves team give them all a makeover which they love. The girls have glitter face painting and the boys have their hair styled and sprayed different colours – they loved the transformation more than the girls, though I am not sure their parents thanked me that night for the necessary hairwash before school the next day!

    After tea, happy birthdays and cake, there are another couple of run throughs of the routine before the parents arrive to watch the final performance. As Jago and Sophia take centre stage, before being joined by the rest of the class, the parents beam with pride watching their youngsters in their element performing the dance moves from start to finish. And it looked amazing! The kids all left full of beans and a sense of accomplishment, and I have been asked by many parents since for details about how to book since.

    Prices from £450 for up to 35 children for two hours, plus £30 for makeovers, call 07810431101, email or visit

    Georgia’s Artful Toddler 3rd Birthday Party

    The prospect of trying to entertain fifteen two and three-year olds at home, was rather a daunting one, until the team from Artful Toddler arrived, equipped to the hilt with entertainment and games and the fun begins.

    The ‘Arty Party’ party runs for just an hour and a half, which doesn’t sound like long but is actually plenty of time for the little ones. Beforehand, the Artful Toddler team set up the space, bringing their own high chairs, table covers, smocks, all the crafting materials, bubbles, songs and music, transforming our kitchen into a toddler’s dream.

    There are three different craft projects, all extremely messy and fun, but so efficiently tidied up by the team after each one you wouldn’t even know they had been there. The children are totally engaged, despite their ages, and each thing is timed to perfection. We break for lunch and cake, followed by the kids making their own hand print t-shirts to take home. The party ends with an enthusiastic sing song in the garden complete with hand puppets and bubbles before the children head off exhausted but happy and we put our feet up.

    Prices are £16 per child, with a minimum of ten children for more information email or visit