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    ilovegorgeous co-founders Lucy Enfield and Sophie Worthington on juggling work and motherhood

    What led you to come up with the idea for ilovegorgeous?

    Lucy: We’re both mothers-of-three with a background in fashion and journalism and we also share a love for fabric, colour and sparkle. We soon realised the only way we could dress our children exactly how we wanted was to do it ourselves.


    Can you tell us a bit about family life?

    Lucy: The Enfield family is made up of husband Harry, a comedian and writer; Archie, 17 and soon sitting his A levels; Poppy, 15, busy with her GCSEs and Nell who’s 11. We all live together in London.

    Sophie: My husband Greville, an art expert; then we have Io aged 18 who’s currently at Falmouth Art College; Cy, 16; and Rex, 12. We split our time between Yorkshire, London and Falmouth.



    When you’re both in London, where can you be found gallivanting?

    Sophie: We love walking in Hyde Park or along the canals: my husband is obsessed with narrow boats.

    Lucy: Even though Portobello Market is on our doorstep we still all enjoy going there. Or we’ll go to Columbia Road Flower Market and then to Brick Lane.


    Have you found it difficult juggling your business with a young family?

    Lucy: When the children were younger it was pretty tough. There is always the sense that you are doing nothing well – rushing from one to the other with the sense of dropping things on the way.

    Sophie: Yes, it was much harder when they were younger. They’re more independent now and luckily I have a husband who is self-employed so we juggle responsibilities. I probably haven’t been to as many football matches as I would have liked and it can be stressful but we’re all very proud.


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    What are your tips for someone considering doing the same?

    Sophie: A great and like-minded business partner, lots of energy and an unwavering belief in your end goal. Then just go for it.


    Is it difficult going into business together? 

    Lucy: Actually I think without each other the business would never have taken off. We can support each other and share ideas.

    Sophie: Also, when we were getting started we naturally took it in turns to be the motivator. Women are collaborators and we sought reassurance in each other.



    What are your proudest achievements for ilovegorgeous?

    Lucy: Getting into some of the biggest department stores in the world has been incredible and I also love our photoshoots.

    Sophie: I would echo that, plus children wearing and loving our clothes.


    Any exciting news in the pipeline?

    Lucy: We are looking to introduce a new range into the collection.


    What are the first things you think of in the morning and the last thing at night?

    Lucy: First thing in the morning it’s breakfast and at night, if I’m not worrying about what I haven’t done that day, usually breakfast again!

    Sophie: It’s never really the same thing. It could be work, kids, friends, life, philosophy, politics or – as Lucy says – sometimes just breakfast.


    Ilovegorgeous has two stores in London, one in Primrose Hill and one in Notting Hill.


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