Busy Bees launches reading campaign


    This week, the childcare experts have partnered with Ladybird Books to highlight the benefits and magic of reading with children

    Although we may not always have the time to do so, according to new research carried out by the Book Trust, 98% of us agreed that reading with our little ones every day from an early age helps their development in school, with one in four (24%), believing the adults who work with our children, such as early practitioners, exert the most influence.

    With that in mind, Busy Bees has launched its week-long campaign, entitled Bringing Stories To Life, inviting parents and families from local communities to experience a range of interactive reading activities with its qualified nursery practitioners as a way to enhance their child’s learning and make the most of precious family time.

    All this week (Monday 16 to Friday 20 January), there will be a whole host of enchanting story-based activities taking place at the nurseries, including a national competition to encourage families who visit to write their own short stories. The winning entry will receive an exclusive masterclass and book-signing session with acclaimed children’s author Ian Whybrow, as well as a prize bundle from Ladybird Books.


    “We understand that parents lead busy lives and it’s not always possible to read every day with your child. However, it has been proven that children who are read to at an early age are more likely to excel with numeracy, literacy and language skills as they get older,” says Lisa Snell, Early Years director at Busy Bees. “The campaign isn’t about telling parents they should read more with their children, it’s an opportunity to give [them] a fresh outlook on how they can make reading even more exciting.”

    She goes on to say: “Reading is a magical thing and we want more children to develop a love of reading that they carry with them throughout their lifetime.”

    During the campaign, parents are being invited into their local Busy Bees nursery to take part in a different themed activity each day, all designed to show the different techniques involved in storytelling and shared reading time. Also look out for the special Shared Reading Day held on Tuesday 17 January, where local representatives from Usborne Books will be hosting storytelling sessions. A Top 10 Tips For Reading With Your Child has also been compiled by the leading childcare professionals – download for free, and find out more about the campaign, here.