Children go abroad 8 years earlier than their parents


    New research has revealed how our holiday habits have changed over a generation, with children now being taken abroad from as young as three, compared to their parents who were 11

    The study, carried out by online travel agency also revealed that 37% of first holidays for today’s children are spent in long-haul destinations, including the USA and Caribbean, and 76% of children now experience an all-inclusive stay on their first holiday overseas.

    The team conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into the holiday habits of Brits – in particular how they have changed over the years. 2,117 parents from around the UK, each with children aged 10 and under, took part in the survey to answer questions about holidays they had been on as children and ones they had taken with their own little ones. While on average the parents went abroad for the first time aged 11, the average for today’s children was three. Only 4% of parents said their child hadn’t been abroad yet.

    Furthermore, 68% of parents said that for their own first holiday abroad they had been taken out of school during term time, compared to just 12% of today’s children for their first trip abroad.

    “Times are certainly changing,” says Chris Clarkson, managing director of “Holidays are now more accessible than ever, thanks to brilliant offers and family friendly resorts, so to see the average age has fallen is understandable.

    “Taking little ones on holiday before they start school is a good chance to spend some quality time together as a family, without being restricted by term dates,” he adds.