Children’s Mental Health Week: Teachers Launch Mental Health & Wellbeing Resource For Toddlers & Teens

    Two teachers have joined forces to create a much-needed resource, Toddlers Teens and Between, for children from aged 2 to 16, marking Children’s Mental Health Awareness week this week.


    Coinciding with Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week from 7-13 February 2022, newly-launched Toddlers Teens and Between (TTAB) is an online resource which offers courses to help parents learn about how to deal with certain behaviours and offer support as well as one-to-one consultations to help with toddlers, children or teenagers’ behaviour, mental health and wellbeing.

    The ‘Younger Years’ course allows parents of babies, toddlers and early years children (age 6-11) to unlock video content through a subscription to help support their baby or child’s wellbeing, behaviour and mental health, created in collaboration with Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapist, Elizabeth Plaskow.

    The course covers a huge range of issues and topics. Once they’ve subscribed, parents can dip in and out of the 24 short videos containing essential tips and advice whenever it suits them.

    TTAB also offers bespoke 1-1 troubleshooting guidance calls for parents about behaviour, wellbeing and mental health to help deal with specific issues they are facing. With growing waiting lists for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), these 1-1 sessions are the perfect interim solution for worried parents.

    Founders Gemma & Sophia

    As mums with busy lives, Gemma Arnold and Sophia Ziff realised that with the onset of the Covid pandemic in 2020, endless lockdowns and schools moving to online classes, there was a vital need to help parents and the children themselves with their mental health and behavioural issues.

    With extensive experience in mental health and emotional wellbeing support,  Gemma Arnold and Sophia Ziff have over 16 years of primary and secondary school teaching experience working with children and teenagers, alongside counselling skills qualifications, mental health first aid qualifications and psychological first aid courses under their belts.

    “We want to help parents foster and grow the relationship with your child and help your child become emotionally literate to deal with and articulate themselves at the right time, to the right person, in the right way,” say Gemma and Sophie.

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    TTAB also offer useful products to help parents manage tricky times like bath time and bed time, including an adaptable bedtime routine chart which helps to get children involved in making bedtime fun and is great for toddlers and early years children, as well as for non-readers and autistic children.

    They are also about to introduce a simple to use and easy to read star chart, which will come with a whole list of interactive targets for children.

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