Make Memories This Christmas with a Family Activity Advent Calendar

Family Action has created a festive calendar of activities for families to do together throughout December to add the gift of kindness this year.


Family Advent Calendar Activities

In response to a post-lockdown survey which said families valued spending more quality time together during the pandemic, Family Action has created a calendar to help you prioritise time and celebrate festive family traditions with those you love throughout December. Given the challenging year families across the UK have had, spending quality time and making treasured memories with family is more important than ever: it’s what Christmas is all about!

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Give Back This Christmas

Family Action emphasise the importance of things to do together a family, especially thinking of others – and the idea of the calendar is to create a new family tradition of giving something back, whether that’s to each other or the local community. Every family is different and they suggest different hobbies with both big and small time commitments to help you create meaningful moments together and spread Christmas cheer as you enjoy a magical schedule of old and new traditions through your free printable Christmas Calendar.

Jade Dixon, the author of the Not Your Average Family blog, started in 2016 after she became special guardian of her young niece and nephew when their mother died suddenly.

She said: “Traditions are really important to our family. We have long-standing ones which allow us all to remember my sister-in-law – something which is so important for her children. We also have new traditions which have come along as we adjusted to becoming a family and also since 2019 when we welcomed our daughter, Harper.

“The Christmas calendar Family Action has designed is one way we’re planning to add the gift of kindness and time together to our Christmas celebrations this year.”


From arts and crafts to family meal ideas, acts of kindness and ways to give back to your local community, there’s something for everyone, as well as ideas for the period of ‘Twixmas’, between Christmas and New Year. Find inspiration by browsing through the suggested ideas, stories and traditions and then either use the blank calendar to create a schedule that works for you or use their pre-filled out version.

Download your free Make Theirs Magic Christmas Calendar here.

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