Real Fast Food: Daylesford Organic Mini Meals


    Why Daylesford Mini Meals will solve all your Little London food dilemmas…

    Since opening their first London ‘farm shop’ on Pimlico Road in 2007, Daylesford Organic has been bringing a taste of Gloucestershire goodness to a loyal and very eager market in the capital.

    So it was really only a matter of time before they created something specifically for mini foodies.

    Founder Carole Bamford was originally inspired to started the company when she had her children and struggled to find good, organic food for the family. She has been farming organically for over 30 years – so knows her stuff- and, for her latest line of products, brought her daughter-in-law on board.

    The Mini Meals range, which launches in September, is Daylesford’s new selection of dishes – low in sodium and with no added sugar – for children from four to six years old. “It was so much fun developing the range,” says founder Leonora. “I invited a group of my children’s friends over for tea and we went through them all, pencils in hand. It was hard to pick out favourites but my son went mad for the meatballs and my daughter loved the creamy chicken casserole. There were a lot of clean plates!


    The meals that were decided upon, are now made in small batches in Gloucestershire and come in colourful, cartoon-like pouches designed by artist Hugo Guinness.

    “Parents are under so much pressure these days,” says Leonora, “and to be able to buy a fresh, healthy, organic meal that you know can be on the table for your children within minutes is pretty great. Daylesford has always had children in mind, from the summer and harvest festivals held at the farm to the cookery schools, there is always something for little ones to learn and enjoy. My son has been so inspired by it all he says he wants to be a farmer when he grows up,” she laughs. 

    For more from Leonora Bamford see the Sept/Oct issue of Little London out 22 Aug. 

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