Digital detox: how to make the most of a country getaway

    Sibton Park, home to Wilderness Reserve
    Sibton Park, home to Wilderness Reserve

    In this increasingly fast paced and digitally influenced era, it is incredibly difficult to find the time to switch off and get away from it all

    With so many of us busy with work and checking our phones on a daily basis, it can sometimes seem a little daunting when the chance arises to runaway to the country. Many of us would jump at the chance to see rolling fields of green and sit down to read an actual book, as opposed to checking our Instagram feed – however when it comes to it, it often proves much harder to fully switch off and enjoy the surroundings, and the temptation to immerse ourselves back into our digital lives is hard to ignore. The getaway experts at Wilderness Reserve have shared with us their five tips on how to really switch off when visiting the country.

    1. Say no to Wifi

    It’s no secret that the first thing we do when we check into accommodation – even before unpacking or grabbing a refreshment – is to ask for the wifi code. If you heading somewhere which probably doesn’t offer a very strong 4G signal, chances are your hotel will offer free wifi. However instead of jumping for that little piece of paper with the code on, why not say no? You have come all this way to get away from the perils of emails and twitter feeds, it will be hard at first but after a while you won’t even notice and can get stuck into that book without any distractions.

    1. Go for a walk

    The best way to switch off and get a fresh take on things is to enjoy a long ramble throughout the countryside. If you’re going somewhere with fantastic views and forest land, take advantage and leave your phone at home so you can fully enjoy and soak up your surroundings.

    1. Get to know the locals

    Rather than continuing your conversations with those at home, why not head down to the local pub and have a real life conversation. Sometimes it does the world of good to get a fresh take on things and to speak to someone you usually wouldn’t – country folk usually have some interesting things to say!

    1. Head to the coast

    If your getaway destination is near the coast, then why not head down and enjoy a long coastal walk with a fish and chips to end on. Getting some sea air can do wonders for your mental as well as your physical health – leave your phone in your room so you and your loved ones can enjoy some quality time together.

    1. Don’t be tempted

    As temping as it is to check your phone, try not to. Obviously you may want to make sure no one’s messaged or called in an emergency, but when it comes to  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media feeds – try to leave these until you are back in the cit. You will appreciate them more if you have ignored them for a few days!