Do you overpack for your holiday?


    According to new research, 80% of us do, costing airline passengers £619m a year. So what’s the secret to good packing? 

    If you’re planning on going away this October half term, you might want to rethink your packing strategies. According to research by MyVoucherCodes, disorganised families in the capital overpack their luggage, with four in 10 people having to pay extra charges – nearly £45 per person, on average.

    The most common items that went unused while on holiday included excess toiletries (36%), books (27%), board games (21%) and extra pairs of shoes (18%).

    According to the survey, most of us are likely to fold our clothes rather than roll them (69%) and we’re also likely to forget to check the facilities and weather forecast at our destination, both of which lead to unnecessary items being packed and therefore going over the weight limit.

    So what is the secret to the art of good packing? 

    1. Write a list beforehand
    More than 80% of us admit to packing too many items for our holidays. Get organised and note down the essentials to stop you throwing in last-minute items.

    2. Roll your clothes tightly
    Having a suitcase full of creased clothes won’t do your Instagram holiday snaps any favours. Look your freshly-ironed best and save space by tightly rolling your clothes – not folding them.

    3. Pack a canvas bag
    These make for excellent spare hand luggage, perfect for carrying shopping, beachwear or even storing dirty laundry.

    4. Consider wearing your bulky items 
    Even when we know the weather will be warm, we always feel better packing a jumper or waterproof ‘just in case’. If they’re an essential, wear what you can on the plane.

    5. Wrap toiletries in cling film
    You may think this is a waste of valuable packing time, but you’ll be thankful when you don’t have to clean clothes covered in leaked shampoo or sun cream.

    6. Leave no space unfilled
    Step one is stuffing your shoes with socks to make the most of that empty void. Step two is stuffing your socks with fragile items like glass perfume bottles!