Play Pretend With Prams for Dolls

    Two pretty dolls on display

    Spark your child’s imagination with a pram for their precious dolls.

    There’s not many a child who doesn’t love playing ‘Mums & Dads’, and with Christmas just been and gone, we suspect plenty of baby dolls were left under the tree. Pretend play with dolls can help children explore their role within the family, developing empathy skills and encouraging interaction. Nevertheless, whether this is your child’s first doll, or simply an addition to an already established dolly family, they’re going to need somewhere to put them.

    Perhaps unlike the prams of your own childhood, toy buggies of the 21st Century are remarkably realistic. At, not content with solely selling real-life prams, they provide an extensive range of pushchairs for your little ones too. Depending on the model, features can include mattress and wind cover to keep dolly comfortable, a storage basket for ‘mummy’ to store other small toys, and even braking and suspension. Additionally, the age of your child might affect the type of pram you wish to buy. A wooden doll’s pram or walker can assist your child in learning to walk, and a tandem pram may make a good present for an older sibling when a younger baby is born.

    Make them feel just like Mummy with a pram; there’s all sorts of colours, styles and sizes to choose from. And don’t forget, it’s not just baby dolls that can go in prams – sometimes teddy wants a ride too!

    Modern styles:

    Modern 1

    Bayer Design Trendy Dolls Pram, 52.80 €



    Modern 2

    Bayer Design Twin Dolls Pram, 62.80 €

    Traditional styles:



    Traditional 1


    Bebelux Diana Dolls Pram, 254.80 €


    Traditional 2

    Knorrtoys Wooden Dolls Pram, 69.80 €

    All available at