Education: Professor Astro Cat App


    Educational apps can be brilliant for keeping your child mentally active outside the classroom, engaging them and helping them to learn without realizing it! Our new favourite is science app ‘Professor Astro Cat’, which introduces your child to the wonders of the universe combining fun and fact learning through animation, mini games and challenges.

    Based on the best selling book by quantum physicist Dr Dominic Walliman,‘Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System’ is a beautifully crafted educational app that lets you join Professor Astro Cat, a friendly feline, and his sidekick Astro Mouse on their space bound mission. From the tips of their fingers, children are invited to explore the science of the Solar System through exceptional aesthetics, music, games, discovery and play. They are incentivized to showcase and reinforce their new found knowledge through fun challenges and rewards.

    Through their own personalized cat avatar, each player is whizzed off on an adventure taking them to the frontiers of our galaxy. They are able to swipe through all of the planets and the Moon and head through the game as quickly as their minds will take them, so that they can learn at their own pace. They’ll find out how a new star is born, work out what their age would be on Mercury and meet the Mars Curiosity Rover, all while learning and building up their scientific knowledge.

    You can download ‘Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System’ from the App Store or here now. Knowledge awaits!