Escape from no-land with the help of LEGO® Juniors


    Imagine a world where parents are banned from saying no to their kids! Would our little angels be running riot?! Would they have a mid-morning sugar high from too many naughty snacks and treats?! Would they be using your beautifully wallpapered living room wall as the canvas for their latest art project?! Or could they hurt themselves climbing a ladder to get a ball stuck in a tree? The possibilities of what might happen are endless

    As parents, we all want the best for our little darlings, and we want to provide them with confidence and a safe haven to help them grow. At lot of the barriers we apply are to do with age restrictions and ability, and at the formative years of four to seven a child’s skill set is developing at an exploding pace. Your child might not have the capability to be a pro skateboarder like their hero, or build the largest LEGO set from scratch, but they will want to try. Every new skill your child masters as this age, great or small, builds confidence to help them take the next step into this great new world on their own.

    Tailor-made for children aged four to seven years, LEGO® Juniors provides the perfect introduction to the world of LEGO building. There’s no need to say “no” when your little one want to try to build with ‘big kid’ LEGO – LEGO Juniors gives you an opportunity to shout “YES, YES, YES!” You can provide your child safe, age appropriate challenges, encouraging their creative skills and development. The sets will give them a successful first building experience, and with exciting themes from LEGO® CITY and LEGO® Friends to popular super heroes and princesses, the range will kick start endless hours of fun stories and role play.

    Developed for small hands and big ambitions, each set combines bricks with larger elements, like walls or a car chassis, and will give your child a quick and easy introduction to building their very own world, one brick at a time.

    LEGO® Juniors has created a fun video to highlight what does happen once we stop saying no…

    Here are a few ways of saying no without actually saying no…

    • That isn’t yours – let’s find yours
    • What do you think the answer is?
    • I wish we could but we can’t today
    • Let’s do this instead…
    • Don’t forget Father Christmas is always watching!