Fashion: new season cool

    These new season looks will have you looking forward to autumn


    Clockwise from left Victoria wears Oeuf NYC cardigan, £59.34,; t-shirt, £2.99,; leggings, £70,; Easy Peasy shoes, £38,
    Lilly wears dress, £120,; leggings, £20,
    Kieran wears t-shirt, £32,; Timberland trousers, £35,
    Lukas wears Little Marc Jacobs sweater, £65,; Emile et Ida trousers, £50.74,


    Faith wears dungarees, £145,; top, £30,; sandals, £53,


    Lilly wears Karl Lagerfeld dress, £99,; jacket, £45,


    Faith wears jacket, £45, and skirt, £40, both; Sunchild top, £50.74,; socks, £15,
    Kieran wears shirt, £62, and shorts, £58, both Stella McCartney at; t-shirt, £40,; Someday Soon socks, £8,


    Victoria wears Oeuf NYC hat, £50.74,; sweater, £38,; skirt, £14.99,;. tights, £15.99,; mobile, £25.50, Little Big Room by Djeco at

    Photography: Hannah Coates
    Photographic assistant: Josh Showell
     Alice Timms
    Hair & Make-up: Claire Portman

    Special thanks to…
    Models: Evie, Faith, Kieran, Lilly, Lukas, Victoria
    Model agencies: Bonnie & Betty, Grace & Galor, Kids London, Mini Models, Tiny Angels
    Location: Clapton Tram Depot, E5