Fashion: new season style for autumn

    Modern prints and supercharged accessories meet nostalgic details for the coolest back-to-school season ever


    Lilly wears jacket, £108,; Soft Gallery skirt, £45.58,; tights, model’s own; shoes, £22.95,; Bag, £29,


    Faith wears David Charles headband, £53, alexandalexa.comBlouse, £49,; Indee acket, £152.22,


    (From left) Lilly wears Monnalisa coat, £270,; Scarf, £39,, from £229,; shoes, from £66,
    Taya wears Little Marc Jacobs coat, £172,; No Added Sugar dress, £110,; tights, £12.50,; and No Added Sugar headband, £30,; shoes, from £66,
    Faith wears Bandits Girl cape, from £154,; skirt, £44,; tights, model’s own; shoes, from £144, step2wo.comBackpack, £45, 
    Kellan wears Dolce & Gabbana coat, £625, childrensalon.comTrousers, from £95,; shoes, from £86,; Mini Rodini hat, £35,; Backpack, £18,
    Laird wears Gucci coat, £480, Gucci at; Karl Lagerfeld Kids scarf (just seen), £40,; trousers, £18,; shoes, £22.95,; Bakker Made With Love backpack, £55.90,


    (From top) Taya wears top, £128,; skirt, £69, and tights, £13, both; shoes, £22.95,
    Lilly wears jacket, from £32,; cardigan (just seen), from £42,; Chloé jeans, £94,; shoes, from £66,
    Faith wears jacket, £60,; culottes, £29,; tights, model’s own; shoes, £22.95,; Bag, £29,


    Kellan wears coat, from £40; sweater, £18; and trousers, from £15, all; shoes, from £86,

    Photography: Eddie Judd
     Michelle Pierre-Carr
    Hair styling: Kim Shoesmith

    Special thanks to…
    Models: Faith, Kellan, Laird, Lilly, Taya
    Model agency: Mini Models
    Hair styling: Clay Hair Salon, Oxshott