Fearne Cotton’s new Children’s Clothing Range has a VERY Important Message


    Fearne Cotton has teamed up with Boots Mini Club for a new kids clothing range with a very important message.

    As far as cool mums go, in our eyes, Fearne Cotton is up there with Beyoncé, Vicky B and the velour tracksuit-wearing mum off of mean girls. Half-joking, of course. But, from presenting Top Of The Tops and hosting the Radio One chart show, to writing a series of best-selling books and leading a chart-topping podcast – there’s no denying Fearne’s CV is pretty impressive.

    Now, the mum-of-two has teamed with Boots Mini Club to design a range of children’s clothing boasting a very important message.

    Inspired by her two children – 6-year-old Rex and Honey, 3 – and their love of the sea, Fearne’s latest collab is a homage to the ocean.

    What was the Inspriation behind the Boots Mini Club collection?

    “I’ve been working with Boots for the last couple of years now, and I’ve done various collections with them. But I think this one has the strongest theme we’ve focused on so far,” Fearne explained ahead of the launch.

    “It’s all about looking after the ocean and being aware of sea creatures and recycling and I think that this generation is going to be much more on it than we ever were.”

    Speaking to Little London, Fearne also explained why this collection is particularly special.

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    “I was born in the 80s when there was very little focus on it at all, so I think it’s really nice to have a theme like this as a strong starting point.

    “We really thought about how we work in the theme. All the clothes have little nods to saving the ocean. It was a really fun one, having such an acute subject matter to work with and run with.”

    However, when it comes to spreading important messages about the environment, Fearne is a firm believer in letting her kids work things out for themselves.

    “I don’t think it has to be shoved down their throats every minute of every day.

    “But I do I think, even without our generation’s help the younger generations just weirdly knows there’s a shift of consciousness.”

    Fearne went on to tell Little London that a little bit of positive messaging can’t do any harm when it comes to encouraging our children to be kinder to the environment (and each other).

    “Whether it’s games you create or even just the way you talk about things around your house,  it’s all about just talk to them about this stuff, like you would to other adults, so they have that understanding and knowledge.”

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    Opening up about her own efforts to be more environmentally conscious, Fearne admits it’s not always the easiest of tasks with a young family.

    “We just try and do our best in our house.

    Things like going to charity shops, or buying second-hand furniture. It’s part of our everyday conversation, but without being preachy.

    “None of us are perfect. We still have stuff in our house, like plastic toys, that you wish you didn’t have, but it’s difficult. We do our bit, as long as you’re doing your bit and having those conversations, that’s all that matters.”

    Shop Fearne’s Explore The Sea collection at Boots Mini Club. 


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