Join the Fingerspellathon!


    Children across the country are set to take part in the nation’s biggest ‘Fingerspellathon’ this October to help raise £38,000 in funding for deaf children and young people…

    Organised by The National Deaf Children’s Society, this October will see the UK’s largest ever ‘Fingerspellathon’- with over 13,000 children learning to fingerspell words and phrases using the British Sign Language alphabet.

    Children can get involved through their schools or other groups such as Brownies or Scouts, in an attempt to, not only raise vital funds for the nation’s deaf children and young people, but to raise awareness of their everyday struggles.

    “Nearly 90% of deaf children in England are taught in mainstream schools, and many often miss out on everyday conversations and playground games with their hearing friends,” says Emma Watson, Community and Events Executive at the National Deaf Children’s Society, “Fingerspellathon is fun and a great activity to help children learn about deafness.”

    Fingerspellathon launches on 1 October 2014 and will run throughout the month.Schools and groups can register now and download a resources pack which includes a range of fun activities, word games and information to help them organise their event at

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