Food: 10 Minute Suppers for Children


    Poppy Fraser’s new book ’10 Minute Suppers for Children’ is a celebration of natural, unprocessed ingredients, good for both the body and soul.

    This is her second cookbook and one that offers recipes for children and families, alongside anecdotes and notes. All of her dishes can be quickly whisked up for breakfast, lunch or supper for your brood, or indeed any grown-ups who happen to be in the kitchen. And all in just ten minutes.
    Here’s three of her recipes as a taster of what her book has to offer.

    Lamb Chops with Salsa Verde
    We have a lean mean grilling machine which someone gave us as a wedding present. I groaned in a spoilt way when it arrived, as I hate clutter building up in the house and it is quite large. However, I now use this is so often that every time I turn it on I say a silent thank-you to our generous friend. Griddling chops is one of its many useful merits.
    Salsa Verde is the best sauce in the world for meat, I think, and I would encourage you to make and eat it at all times, with all meat: steak, chops, everything in fact. This recipe is dairy, wheat and gluten free

    Salsa Verde
    2 bunches of parsley
    1 bunch of basil
    1 bunch of mint
    A handful of cornichons, roughly chopped
    A handful of capers, roughly chopped
    3 anchovy fillets, finely chopped
    1 clove of garlic, pressed
    1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard
    3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
    8 tablespoons of olive oil

    Chop up all the herbs and place in a bowl. Add the chopped cornichons and capers.
    Add the anchovies, the garlic the Dijon and the vinegar.
    Slowly add the oil, stirring to create a fragrant masterpiece. Pour it over your cooked chops.

    Savannah’s Orzo Pasta
    Here is my recipe, slightly stolen and adapted from Nigella, that both kids and adults will love.

    Frozen Peas
    Orzo (tiny rice-shaped pasta)

    Chop the bacon into tiny bits; you can use pre-cubed pancetta if it’s easier, but my children prefer smoked back bacon.
    Gently fry the bacon until it is starting to brown and the fatty bits are cooking.
    Add the frozen peas and stir around the pan until they no longer look frosty.
    Add the orzo (I use about a handful per person).
    Stir it around for about 30 seconds until it is coated with bacon juices, then pour boiling water over it (two parts water to one part orzo, so if you use a mug to measure out your orzo chuck two mugs of boiling water over it).
    Leave simmering for about ten minutes until it is cooked through. Add more water if it is drying out and your pasta isn’t cooked through. The orzo needs to still be in quite a bit of juice for this dish not to dry out, so keep it to the consistency of risotto.
    Add a generous handful of finely grated Parmesan and stir in with the pan off the heat.

    Laura’s Bananas and Yoghurt
    The chopped banana and yoghurt pudding is one that never grows old and is churned out endlessly for my children. I tend to use goats’ or sheep’s yoghurt, which I much prefer to dairy yoghurt. I then squeeze some agave nectar on top and chuck on any berries that are to hand. This pudding is a winner. Five mins, tops!

    Vanilla extract
    Hundreds & thousands

    Chop one banana and put in the bottom of a ramekin or small bowl.
    Fill with poring yog, vanilla and top with crunchy granola (Lizi’s is the best)
    Sprinkle with hundreds and thousands…

    A good source of vitamin C and potassium thanks to the banana.