Gardner & the Gang: unisex fashion for kids


    Actress and model Jaime King has teamed up with children’s clothing line Gardner and the Gang, addressing the issue of gender in kids’ fashion

    The Lion’s Heart collection is a collaborative effort between King (who is a mother of two) and Swedish designer Kristin Nystrom, and attempts to move away from the concept of separate styles and colours for boys and girls.

    A major issue for parents when it comes to dressing little ones is finding clothes that are both stylish and appropriate; whilst some of the most on-trend adult looks are inspired by themes of youth, like these cute checked skirts from Peter Hahn, this doesn’t always work the other way round. As one fashion writer explains, many of us are somewhat torn by the trend of dressing kids like adults.

    However, when thinking about what’s appropriate, something we perhaps do not question is the role of gender-specific “norms” – pink skirts for girls, blue shirts for boys. In a bid to break away from these conventions, Jaime King and Kristin Nystrom have come up with a range of cute, play-friendly pieces that are largely gender neutral.

    Speaking of the inspiration behind the idea, King describes the social norms that tend to influence traditional children’s clothing as “incredibly stifling,” and instead wanted to design garments that enable our kids to express themselves and be whoever they want to be, regardless of gender.

    King added: “Our intention is never to be political, but we are speaking inherently to what the issues are within the world and we don’t shy away from that. Like the fact is, we have major issues in regards to what’s happening with the transgender community.”

    Gender-neutrality aside, the Lion’s Heart range stands out for its quirky graphics – like the fox and hare sharing a milkshake – and its use of irresistibly soft organic cotton. If you’re looking for ultra-comfortable, cute everyday wear for your kids – with a powerful message of peace and acceptance to boot – this is one to check out.