Get Crafty For Valentine’s Day


    Leonora Bamford and Nanny Anita rustle up some seasonal after-school fun for the whole family.

    Love is in the air at this time of year, and I really enjoy dreaming up fun crafts with Nanny Anita for the children to do based around Valentine’s Day. She’s come up with a brilliant Heart Bingo to play during half term, and her homemade Love Heart crayons to do on a rainy afternoon. And on the big day I’ll be making these super-simple heart pancakes.

    Heart Bingo

    You will need: Pens & Scissors
    1. Find free printables of our Valentine’s bingo sheets on

    2. Cut out the hearts and write on the numbers. There should be 30 hearts.

    3. Fill in the Bingo sheet with random numbers, just make sure you have a heart cut out with that number on.

    4. To play the game, either you or your little one should pull out a number heart and shout out the number. If you have the number on your bingo board, you then cross it out. The first person to cross out all their numbers has to shout “BINGO!”


    Love Heart Crayons

    These heart crayons make a wonderful gift to give to friends on Valentine’s Day.

    1. Take your old crayons and break them up into small pieces.

    2. Fill your heart molds with them.

    3. Put them in the oven on 100°C and wait for them all to melt.

    4. When they are ready take them out and leave them to cool.


    Heart Pancake

    You will need:

    – 1 cup flour

    – 1 cup milk

    – Pinch of salt

    – Tsp baking powder

    – Tsp melted butter

    – 1 egg


    1. Melt butter.

    2. Whisk together flour, milk, egg, salt and baking powder with the melted butter.

    3. Ladle mixture into a heart shape in a hot pan.

    4. Flip when bubbles appear.

    5. Decorate as you choose