Get involved in London’s secret party!


    London is having a big party next weekend – but you and the kids will have to take part in this quirky treasure hunt to find the super-secret location 

    Hidden deep in the capital’s park space, a secret party awaits – but there is just one catch: the location is undisclosed. Londoners have just four hours to find their way there!

    The free event is part of Mayor Boris Johnson’s new Find Your London festival, which will hold many more family-friendly events this spring. The exciting Search Party treasure hunt will lead to a spectacular finale for 4,000 people, featuring music, dancing, afternoon tea and an array of other surprises to celebrate all the hidden treasures the capital holds.


    For those under nine years, the Children’s Trail will enable families to explore London like never before, as the city is transformed into an immersive green playground. Meet mysterious characters, solve riddles and channel your inner detective as you uncover clues that will lead you to the big celebration.

    The clues have all been commissioned by artists, actors, gardeners, bakers and magicians. Around 50 volunteers will line the course, helping participants navigate the two-mile route, filling the streets with everything from pianos and ping-pong tables to herds of sheep.

    The event takes place on Sunday 20 March, 12pm to 4pm, with the secret party to follow. Pre-register for your free tickets online now at

    Follow the party @LdnSearchParty