Getting Crafty for Easter

    Untitled-1With Easter just around the corner,’s Leonora Bamford puts together some creative family activities that’ll keep them busy all holiday…

    We always look forward to Easter as it’s great time of year for crafts. Anita and I have been having a ball dreaming up all sorts of creative family activities that’ll have all ages joining in and will keep them entertained… at least for a little while!



    This Easter craft is super easy, travel friendly and is so much fun
    To make your little ducks you will need:
    Six stones
    Black marker pens

    How to make:
    Before painting your stones give them a wash to remove any dirt. Paint the stones with a few coats, remembering to let them dry in between – I painted five of the stones yellow for the ducklings and one white for the Mummy duck. Next, use your marker pens to draw on the faces and then write the numbers one to five on the little ducklings.

    This mini activity is great for number recognition. We sing Five Little Ducks together and when one of the ducks doesn’t come back we have to find the correctly numbered duck and subtract him from the group.

    This activity may help with: Familiarisation of songs | Recognition of numbers | Understanding of quantities



    With April showers upon us, stand out with homemade umbrellas and is one of my personal favourite creative family activities
    What you’ll need:
    Child-sized nylon umbrella
    Fabric paint in a few colours, this way it won’t run when wet

    How to make:
    This is a great craft for imagination. Let younger children go freestyle and for the older ones, I would suggest designing their umbrella on paper first. There are unlimited options, from stars and stripes to hearts, letters and numbers.
    Leave the umbrellas open over night to dry, before closing or using them.

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