GREAT success at Kent College Junior School


    Kent College Junior School, located about a mile away from Kent College in Canterbury, provides day school education for boys and girls between the ages of three and 11. The in-house scheme ensures children are given the best chance at success, whatever their interests

    The GREAT programme at the school – Gifted, Really Enthusiastic, Able and Talented – sets the foundation for early educational success. The scheme is designed to accelerate progress in core subjects and give children the opportunity to develop particular skills, be they academic, art, drama, music or sport. Every child is on a unique programme to maximise their academic potential, and is taught English and Maths according to their needs and talents rather than their age group.

    With the permission of their parents, pupils are able to focus more time and energy on particular subject areas; from academic challenges to the arts. The Kent Test, an examination for entry into local grammar schools, sees fantastic results, and scholarships to senior schools have seen a success rate of over 50% in recent years. There is a full range of after school clubs and activities, which all children can enjoy until 6pm each evening, allowing for busy working parents to squeeze in a few extra hours at work. Additionally, activity weeks during the summer holiday ensure the school is open for at least 47 weeks a year. You can board at Kent College, too; places are available on a full, weekly or occasional basis and accompanied travel home is available to London’s St Pancras station.

    If you want to find out more about Kent College Junior School, you can visit during their open morning on October 1st. Alternatively, contact to arrange a tour of the school or taster day.