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    web_resMy Dentist has launched a new national scheme to educate both parents and children in dental health, after survey shows parents lack knowledge

    One million children in the UK aged eight and under have never been to the dentist and only a quarter of children brush their teeth for the two-minute recommended time. New research also found that over 700,000 children aged eight and under have had at least one filling, costing the NHS a whopping £22 million.

    The survey, conducted by the UK’s largest dental group, My Dentist, also highlighted that many parents were seemingly confused about what was good and bad for their oral health. A fifth of parents thought that fruit smoothies were good for their child’s teeth while one in eight parents believed fluoride was bad.


    Parents also seemed to not know about the services offered for children, with nearly a third unaware of the free NHS treatments available to kids, such as fluoride varnishing. The NHS have said that this problem is “entirely preventable” and that with more educational initiatives, parents can become more aware of the importance of their children’s oral health.

    As a result, My Dentist has launched a new national scheme to educate both parents and children in dental health, aiming to engage parents and encourage children to care for their teeth from the go. The ‘Kids Club’ initiative includes an informative app for children and an in-depth online resource for parents to learn about how to care for their child’s teeth. The scheme will also introduce Kids Club Dental Units, mini mobile facilities to introduce kids to the dental practice environment, and free two-minute timers to ensure they brush for the recommended duration.

    “Early dental care can be a confusing, daunting issue for many parents,” said Barry Cockroft, non-executive director at My Dentist. “Today’s launch of our Kids Club initiative is a crucial first step. We will deliver innovation to our patients and change outdated perceptions.”

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