Homemade food ‘better’ for babies

    Little Darlings Magazine

    A recent survey from researchers at The University of Glasgow shows that shop-bought baby foods – even organic ones – may not have the same nutritional values as food you make yourself at home. They may also have worryingly high levels of sugar compared to homemade food.

    They are also sold in shops for us from four months, when health experts agree babies should not be weaned until six months.

    The experts analysed jars of baby food and dry food like rusks and snacks from Cow & Gate, Boots, Heinz, Hipp Organic, Ella’s Kitchen and Organix. They decided that purees and spoonable food made at home are more nutritious than commercial foods. Finger foods bought in shops are high in sugar and also quite low in iron.

    The Department of Health recommends that babies are fed solely on breast or formula milk up to six months.