Insta Inspo: Amanda at @lifewithmicah


    Behind the profile of LA-based model and mother Amanda Booth and her three-year-old son, Micah

    After sharing that, at four months, their son had been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, the new normal for model Amanda and her husband, Mike, became about spreading awareness and acceptance of the condition. With his beautiful mass of blond hair and warm smile, Micah has since accumulated more than 59,000 followers in his three years.

    Why do you think Life With Micah has gained such a following?
    It wasn’t until Micah was a few months old that he was officially diagnosed with Down’s syndrome. It was at that point, Mike and I decided to utilise the social media account we had built for Micah to be public about the condition. We really strive to keep it authentic – to show the world just how incredible his little life is, just like other parents do. I think people gravitate toward that, and are excited to be a part of our mission to include people of all abilities in the media, and in all aspects of our world. It also helps that he has the most beautiful luscious locks and pouty lips…


    Have you found the Instagram community to be generally quite supportive?
    Instagram has been very uplifting and a major source of strength for us.  Our personal circle in the Down’s syndrome world is still growing, so the new relationships we are making with other families are so powerful. We have been able to ask questions about Micah’s future, and have been able to provide answers for other families. The stories we hear and connections we make are invaluable. I’m very thankful.


    Who inspires you?
    Michelle Sie Whitten who created the Global Down Syndrome Foundation with her parents, John and Ana. The medical research they are doing is absolutely groundbreaking. I’m also inspired by all of the Down’s syndrome parents who came before us, who stuck up for their children when it was far more difficult to do so. And I’m inspired by any woman mothering more than one child. I literally don’t know how they do it!


    What motherhood essentials have proven invaluable so far?
    Friendships! I’ve gotten much closer with the friends in my life that are attending to the same things I am. Having strong women around has proven invaluable. Also, my True Botanicals face oils and my Clé De Peau under-eye concealer, which make me appear far less tired than I am. Plus, a beautiful cup of coffee and an ice cold glass of wine… Too obvious?


    Where do you like to shop?
    I love Zara for us both! We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many cool kids’ brands through social media too. We have found great pieces at @hipkinkids, @childrenofthetribe, and a local brand called @blackiBoys.

    Do you ever come to London much?
    I have spent quite a bit of time in London – it’s one of my favourite cities! I usually stay in Stoke Newington with my friend – I really enjoy the vibe on the East Side.