Insta Inspo: Eric at @travelbabbo


    As we look ahead to the holidays, we’re following US-based travel blogger and father of three Eric Stoen

    As dad to Evelyn, 12, Henry, 10, and eight-year-old Sadie, blogger Eric Stoen knows a thing or two about travelling with kids. The writer has built up a following of almost 65,000 on Instagram, inspiring young families to take their children to see the world through his incredible snapshots and advice.

    How did your blog, Travel Babbo, come about?
    I started blogging after I took my eight year old to Antarctica – it seemed like the easiest way to tell family and friends about the trip. Then others started reading and it grew quickly.

    What are your essentials for travelling with children?
    We always travel with kids’ medicines and a thermometer, a linen towel, a frisbee, a clothesline, sunscreen, insect repellent, and extra Ziploc bags.

    Who do you like to follow on social media?
    Almost all of the accounts I follow are travel-related! My favourites are @afarmedia, @globeguide, @stuffedsuitcase, @honeytrek, @mumpacktravel, @cleverdever, @lajollamom and @candacerardon.

    How do you decide where you want to go next?
    I let my kids choose our destinations. Each gets to choose anywhere to go with me one-on-one every year, and they pick based on their interests.

    Where is on your list for 2018?
    This year we’re travelling to Greenland, the Galápagos, Brazil, Italy, Japan, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Lithuania. And we have a few open weeks too, so could end up anywhere!

    Favourite place you’ve visited as a family?
    We love France, Italy and Greece, and return to at least one of them every summer. Florence is my favourite city in the world, and my wife and kids have come to love it as well.

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