Insta Inspo: Karen at @travelmadmum


    This issue we’re seeking summer holiday inspiration from blogger and mother of one Karen Edwards

    What started as a means to stimulate her mind while on maternity leave with daughter Esmé, Karen’s diary, Travel Mad Mum, has snowballed into a blog and online shop, with an Instagram following of more than 84,000. Now, with another baby on the way, Karen talks about life on the road.

    When did you realise that you wanted to travel? 

    Our first baby was a total surprise. It sounds a little selfish, but were left feeling like we would have to give up a lot of our plans. As soon as we found out, we made the decision to incorporate our little one into those plans. Our first stop was Ireland, then Singapore.

    What are your essentials for travelling with kids? 

    My life-saver product is the Plane Pal; an inflatable pillow that fills the legroom space in front of a child’s seat. It creates a flat surface, ensuring them a first-class bed in an economy seat – it’s genius. I also love Hammam towels – they’re quick-drying and lightweight. Lastly, I’d recommend the Keep Em Quiet bags for kids, filled with activities and snacks.

    Who do you follow on social media? 

    Ellie from @soultravelblog is great for making you think about ethical travel, and I love @mumpacktravel, an Australian mum who has been backpacking with her daughter for more than 15 months.

    Where’s left to visit? 

    South America and Central America. We haven’t been there yet so its unexplored territory.

    Favourite place you’ve been with your family?

    Bali – 100%. we dream of living there one day.