Bake Like a Pro: Kids’ Cookie Decorating at Bluebird


    Here at Little London we’ve been savouring, quite literally, the return of the moreish-ly brilliant Great British Bake Off!  And last week’s Biscuit challenge had us rattling around in the kitchen, hunting down and dusting off those old cookie cutters – last seen stuffed at the back of the cupboards with that unopened sushi-making kit and rest of the experimental baking paraphernalia!  Unsurprisingly, the final product would not have one ‘Star baker’…


    If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, not to fear — share your GBBO baking inspiration with your little ones and head to the Food Store at Bluebird for a much more fruitful (and tasty) baking affair.  With plenty of yummy cookies, lots of icing and fabulous decorations to play with, as well as, a number of super skilled cooks to keep your little Londoners on track, Bluebird’s biscuit decorating classes for kids are an easy and wonderfully delicious way to encourage your children to enjoy baking (and you could pick up some tips too).


    Thursday 28th August


    £15 per child – including some refreshments. or call 020 7559 1227 

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