Kids Skipping Breakfast in Staggering Numbers

    Parents up and down the country are at their ‘wits end’ over breakfast battles as a new survey reveals 65% of children in the UK miss out on their morning meal.

    Kids skipping breakfast sugary cereal


    Hands up if getting your little one to eat breakfast each morning is a battle. Well, it turns out you’re not alone. Kids skipping breakfast is a nation-wide problem.

    As parents across the country prepare for their kids to go back to school, a new study by Flora reveals the struggle families face every morning. It turns out it’s kids skipping breakfast. A staggering 65% of parents admit that their child often skips breakfast entirely.

    Children wriggling away from the breakfast table unfed is an anxiety-stirring affair for mums and dads up and down the country. The survey also shows a large proportion of parents admit to feeling like bad parents as a result of their child’s diet.

    What are the biggest battles parents face at breakfast time?

    Pressured parents

    The NHS recommends that children eat three meals and two healthy snacks a day. However, polls suggest that parents encouraging their little ones to head off to school with a belly of nutritious and healthy breakfast, is often to no avail. Mums and Dads everywhere express despair regarding their child’s refusal to eat breakfast, in some cases causing them to lose sleep.

    Common anxieties expressed include worrying that if their child skips breakfast, they will be hungry before lunchtime; worrying about their child’s school performance; concerns that their child will be grumpy; and some parents (22%) even worry that the teacher will judge their parenting.

    Enterprising excuses

    Children are notoriously good at talking their way out of things and breakfast is no different! Arguments about the first meal of the day ensue and before you know it, you’re rushing to get to school on time. Polls show that for families, this happens at least five days every month. Children sleeping in too late for a nutritious breakfast before school is also a much-cited problem.

    Another common argument is that they are not hungry and the classic complaint that they just don’t like what they have been given. In fact, parents admit to having caught their children hiding healthy food and putting it in the bin to pretend they’ve eaten it. A quarter have even been caught giving it to their pets!

    Sugary Breakfasts

    Sugar Cereal Skipping Breakfast
    Credit: Etienne Girardet via Unsplash

    Research finds that primary school children only eat the recommended portion of fruit and veg four days a week and a fifth of parents confess to using sweets and treats as a bribe. Polls also point the finger at grandparents for spoiling their grandchildren with sugary treats when they visit. Despite this, nearly 70% of parents are confident that their children eat a better diet than they did as a child.

    Additionally, the survey found that for children who were eating breakfast, more than half of them eat sweetened cereal and just under a third eat jam or chocolate spread on toast for breakfast. Shockingly, 6% are even reaching for a packet of crisps to set them up for the day!

    Butter and bread is a timeless classic but one that parents aren’t comfortable feeding their children every day, for health reasons.

    So, how about a healthy alternative? Flora is a 100% plant-based solution which can be used for spreading, melting and even baking. A spokesperson for the brand commented “At least 60% lower in saturated fat than butter, and naturally containing omega-3 and 6, a simple switch to Flora’s plant-based spread is a great way to set your family up for the day.”

    Containing no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Flora spreads use just seven simple ingredients to create a versatile and delicious addition to families’ morning routines. And judging by over 90% of parents that worry that their child eats too much sugar, this should be a welcome change. No more skipping breakfast.

    Parents looking for inspiration for quick, nutritious breakfasts for their families can visit for a range of delicious recipes rooted in 100% plant goodness.

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