Little London Awards: vote for your favourite app and best blog


    The Little London Awards are BACK for 2017, and we need your votes! Here, we look at two of the categories in a little more detail; best blog and best app

    From managing day-to-day life as a busy parent, to tracking breastfeeding and capturing those special moments, in this digital age we would be nowhere without the help of these revolutionary apps. Here’s a breakdown of the three nominees in the Best App category…

    – Ebookadabra –
     Ebookadabra is the ‘Netflix’ of kids reading; a magical world of hundreds of colour picture books – many with audio – from top publishers like Disney, Harper Collins and Bloomsbury, all designed to encourage reading for children aged 3 – 7 years.


    – Hopster – Hopster is the UK’s favourite preschool learning and entertainment app. For a low monthly fee, subscribers to Hopster get all the best TV shows, educational games, nursery rhymes, music and Harper Collins children’s books in one safe, ad-free app.


    – MyMedela – MyMedela has been specially designed to support every mum’s individual feeding journey, offering a truly unique tracking service for breastfeeding and pumping sessions, as well as baby’s key activities.

    There is certainly no shortage of parenting blogs out there, but the Best Blog category champions the very best, from those who influence our daily decisions and comfort us in tough times, to those who generally make us laugh. Thank you to those parenting bloggers who keep it real!


    – Dress Like a Mum – Written and created by stylish mum of two Zoë de Pass, Dress Like A Mum is a project to change the bad image of ‘dressing like a mum’. Across her fun, colourful and entertaining platforms, Zoë aims to prove there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ mum – and there is no ‘proper’ way to dress, regardless of if you are a mother or not.

    – Mama Still Got It ‘Written for mothers – read by women’. A honest and hilarious blog written by a model and a mother and how the two very different roles can benefit each other. A must read for all mothers who want to get better with age and have a good sense of humour.

    – The Dad NetworkThe Dad Network is one of the fastest growing community of dads both online and offline in the UK. Spearheaded by Al Ferguson, The Dad Network combines a personal blog with an ever-growing community of dads.

    – The EVB Edit – The EVB Edit is a fashion and lifestyle destination created by Eimear Varian Barry. Eimear is Mum to one-year-old Harper and three- year-old Saoirse, and runs the EVB edit as a platform to present her personal work as an avid photo taker, mother and creative.

    Got all of that? Great. If you think you’ve made your mind up, you can cast your all-important vote by clicking HERE!