How to Turn Your Garden into the Perfect Kid’s Playground

    Little London turn garden into playground

    Everything you need to make your garden fun for your kids and turn into a playground of their dreams.

    As the days get longer and the sun (slowly) heats up, why not make your garden the perfect playground for your kids to socialise and safely play? Turning the garden into a dream playground will not only get the kids outside and moving but it will keep them entertained whilst in the safety of your own home space. Get creative, have fun and, of course, set up a little space for the adults to enjoy as well!

    Here are 5 top tips to turn your garden into a playground and keep your little ones entertained for hours with a host of fun garden activities.

    1. Jump for joy with a trampoline

    What better way to have fun and keep the children active than on a trampoline? Sunken trampolines are all the rage and come in many different sizes, so even if you don’t have a huge garden that’s no problem. Built in the ground, these trampolines are much safer than a free standing one, so you can worry less while you’re sitting on zoom meetings! If you need a hand with assembly to ensure your trampoline is built securely, you can post your task on Airtasker and find great offers from people experienced in trampoline assembly to help.

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    1. Bring the beach home

    With travel still on tenterhooks for the summer season, why not bring the beach home by building a sand pit for kids of all ages to enjoy? It can be as simple as sourcing some wooden sleepers to form the pit; using some poles and a sheet to supply some shade; and decorating with bunting or flags. You could bury some pirate treasure for the kids to find or have a sandcastle building competition – there are hours of fun to be had. When you want to enjoy the garden for yourself or guests and not have a sandpit on show, get a custom built cover and turn it into a table or a sunbathing deck!


    1. Climb Everest in your garden

    Many of us have tried our hand at some form of DIY during the pandemic and pallet furniture was a popular choice. There are many uses for pallets which can be sourced cheaply (if not for free) and a climbing wall could be one of them! You will need some climbing wall holds and to ensure the pallets are sanded well to avoid any splinters and tears. If you’re not confident enough to do this yourself, you can always call on some help using Airtasker to ensure it is designed and built safely for your peace of mind. Add logs in varying heights as stepping stones up to the wall for an added challenge and let the little ones pretend that they are climbing mountains!


    1. Make your garden a fun hub of creativity

    If you’re lacking in space and don’t want to clutter the garden, make use of your garden walls by installing a chalk board for the children to get creative with – a simple garden addition which could also be fun for any family games or when having guests round. If you have younger children, you could also build a ‘water wall’ using colourful tubes and bottles for them to pour water through and watch it fall into buckets at the bottom. You’ll be surprised at how long this will keep the children entertained for!

    Credit: Michael Cox via Unsplash
    1. Set up a jungle fun run

    No playground is complete without a swing or a slide! If you’re lucky enough to have a big garden, create a grass covered mound with an inbuilt slide as a feature, and while you’re at it why not add a tunnel for extra fun (and hiding places!)? If you can, try turning your swings into a jungle gym by hanging different length ropes so the kids can swing and slide their way through the garden.

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