Merino Cool : Love my Smalls

    It’s that time of year again when the warmer weather is approaching but we’re not quite ready to retire those winter wardrobe staples just yet. Some days are hotter than July, others feel like it is January all over again. For dressing little ones, it can be a particularly tricky time of year to master, which is why these transitional superfine merino wool pieces from award-winning brand Smalls are on our wish list.

    This sustainable, hardworking fabric naturally regulates children’s body temperature, keeping them cool when it’s hot and warm on those chillier days. In short, they’re something of a year-round staple. The superfine merino also has built-in sun protection that doesn’t wear off, is antibacterial, and the anti-static fibres repel dust and other allergens, ensuring your child’s skin is completely protected. Oh, and did we mention that it’s machine-washable, too? Let’s just call it ‘Supermerino’.

    We’ve picked out our favourite pieces for two to 12 year olds that are ideal for layering, including the ‘Raglan’ T-shirt – a perfect partner with jeans or shorts, stylish snoods, and the cute cami and tank-top styles that can be worn alone with skirts or shorts, or layered under dresses. All the pieces come in a palette of gorgeous muted shades, including dusky rose pink, navy and grey. That’s the way to do it…