My Little London: Caprice Bourret


    The model, TV personality and mother of two shares all about family life in the capital with her three-year-old boys, Jett and Jax

    Where do you live in London?

    I live West, in Notting Hill.

    What do you all get up to on the weekend?

    We love going to Kidzania and Gambado, and we usually have a couple of play dates lined up, too. On Saturdays, the boys have piano lessons, a karate lesson and swimming lessons, so we’re always very busy!

    Where do you shop for your boys?

    I get a lot of stuff from Zara. And I love going to TK Maxx – it has the best designer clothes. I’ve found the Hammersmith branch is the best one for kids. I also love Baby Gap and OshKosh when I’m back in America.

    What do you miss about California?

    The only things I miss are my family and the sun – that’s it.

    The mum says she is kept busy at the weekends

    What’s the best thing about being a mum?

    Everything. Oh my gosh, I don’t know where to begin! I would do anything for them – my whole life is based around the wellbeing of my children. I have a different kind of incentive when I work now – a fire in my body to do well and make money because I want my kids to have a great future. It just gives you a purpose. I’ve said this time and time again, but in my past, I was so, ‘me me me’, but now it’s just all about my kids.

    What has motherhood taught you so far?

    It’s funny when people tell you, ‘When you have kids, your whole life is going to be about your children, your life is going to change dramatically’. I said no – but they were so right! They are what you live for. It’s something that’s hard to understand before you become a mother. My boys are now climbing into bed with me at 5am every day, but when I wake up and see their little faces brushing my face – that is what I live for.

    Where do you go to escape the city?

    We have another home in Ibiza. We have 10 horses there, and you walk outside the door and it’s the most beautiful hike you’ve ever seen. The outdoor life is amazing for the children; it’s what I grew up with in California. They’re not allowed to watch TV or go on the iPad; they’re just outside picking up frogs, going on hikes, riding the horses. It’s how it should be.

    You’ve been designing lingerie for many years, and now you have a By Caprice home range. Talk us through the design process.

    By Caprice Home includes duvets, runners, filled cushions and curtains. My designer and I keep an eye on current trends, and she goes to the shows in Paris twice a year. I also look closely at my sales – each week I get reports on every line and range that I have. I see what’s working, what’s not, and we try to adapt accordingly. Whichever range is working well, we just order more and keep on topping it up, and then, of course, we have new designs coming in once every three months or so.

    With her co-stars on ‘The Jump’

    Would you ever consider designing other pieces for the home?

    I would love to design furniture one day. But right now I’m just trying to keep up with the growth of what we have!

    How do you juggle your work with being a mother?

    It’s a tough one – and I wish I had a winning formula but I just don’t. I fit in work when the kids sleep, in between school runs, bath time, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    You recently appeared in Channel 4’s The Jump. How was that for you?

    I loved it. I loved everyone involved. I had a really good experience. My kids were there with me and they learnt how to ski – they’re now brilliant skiers! You’ve never seen anything so cute in your life – little three year olds on this massive slope. I was so impressed.

    What other projects do you have coming up this year?

    I’ve just finished filming for a small part in the cult movie series Sharknado and for a short Netflix film called Intruders. The two characters were quite similar – really tough, hard-hitting women who were as cold as ice, with absolutely no emotion. Like a female version of Al Pacino – it was just brilliant fun. Both films are out in the summer time.