My Little London: Portia Freeman


    We chat to the British model and mother-of-two about family life in the capital and the propsect of going back to work

    Where do you live in London and what do you love most about the area?

    I live in Crouch End, North London with my partner Pete, two sons Dylan and Rudy, and our crazy dog, Lola. I love ‘Crouchie’, from all the cosy, country-vibe shops and pubs, to Rosie (named by Dylan) the barn owl in our garden, who loves to show off her impressive hooting at night. I’ve always been very keen for my children to grow up surrounded by good schools, tree-lined streets and fun places to explore. Until we make that move to the country, Crouch End will do just fine.

    What’s the best thing about having a family in London?

    I love how so much is on your doorstep. We really are so lucky with what London has to offer with small children in tow. There’s always something to do for all ages.

    Where do you go to escape the city?

    I always head to my mum’s in Surrey. She has a lovely cottage. Such a great location if you fancy going to Brighton or the New Forest.

     Tell us what a typical weekend is like in your household?

    A typical weekend would involve homemade pancakes – Dylan’s favourite every Saturday morning – long walks, movies, cosy pub lunches, more long walks and lots and lots of giggles. Dylan’s currently learning to ride his bike, so that’s also definitely involved.

    What is your favourite family hotspot in London?

    It has to be Kenwood House. We spend so much time there having picnics, walking, feeding the ducks or even looking around the house itself. Then there’s the Heath, which is attached, so more walking. Think you’ve guessed, we like a good old walk.

    And where’s your favourite place to go for some ‘me time’?Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.05.01

    If I’m honest, the best place for me to have some ‘me’ time right now would be… work. Or working out.

    You’ve been a model since you were 16. What do you do now to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

    I’m keen to get back into shape after Rudy, so I’ve started working out with my personal trainer, Peter Cobby. He’s a dude and it’s a great feeling getting back into the swing of things. Mentally it’s great, too. I’m eating super healthily, but making sure I keep my energy levels up and get lots of sleep.

    Dylan is a beautiful little boy. Do you think he may follow in your model footsteps?

    Aww, thank you! He’s a little charmer. I’m a firm believer that beauty comes from the inside, so as long as he carries that with him, I’ll support whatever he wants to do. If an opportunity came up for him to do a modelling job, I’d consider it providing it didn’t disrupt school.

    Where do you shop for your boys?

    I shop all over for my boys. We love Mini Rodini, Alex and Alexa, H&M for jeans and t-shirts, Stella McCartney, Petit Bateau, Gap, The White Company, Finger in the Nose, Scotch Shrunk, Zara, the list is endless.

    How have you adjusted to becoming a family of four?

    It didn’t take much adjustment, to be honest. The only thing we really work hard on is that Dylan doesn’t get jealous. I’m keen to still spend quality time with just me and him together, to keep our bond as tight as ever.

    How do you balance your work and family time?

    For me it’s simple. When I’m with my babies, work can wait. But when I’m working, I know my boys are looked after by Pete or by someone we trust, so I can really get my teeth stuck into whatever I’m doing at the time. There’s a healthy balance. If I didn’t have my job I think I’d go crazy.

    You lead a busy life – what do you do to de-stress?

    It’s as simple as having a bath, working out or getting my hair done. Easy!

    Can you share what’s in the pipeline for you workwise?

    I’m working with Black Book Co-op Management and Eleventen Communications on a selection of global fashion and beauty projects, which will be launching in 2016. I am excited to be coming back during London Fashion Week in September and shooting some new editorials. I finally get to play dress up again!