My Little London: Savannah Miller

    The mother-of-three launches a capsule collection of beauty essentials this October

    The British-American fashion designer and mother reveals all about family life, her favourite shopping hotspots and future prospects

    Where do you live at the moment? 

    I live in a little village just outside of Nailsworth, Stroud, in Gloucestershire. But I grew up in London, so the capital is still very much home to me. I spend part of my week in town because my office is here, so I still get my London fix.

    What do you love about the capital? 

    I love the vibrancy and inspiring corners of East London, but I stay and work in West London. It’s like a cultural melting pot – and I love all of the delicious world foods that are so readily available. Mestizo is around the corner from my office and, in my opinion, does the best Mexican food in the city.

    You have three children; Moses, 11, Lyra, eight, and four-year-old Bali. Where do you like going with them when they come to London?

    They love going to the theatre and spending time with family and friends. They don’t get to come to London very often, so it’s very exciting for them when they do.

    Savannah stays with sister Sienna when in London

    Describe a typical weekend for you and your family.

    We go to the Stroud Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings. It has incredible local produce and the best fresh doughnuts on the planet! My son does judo on Saturdays, one daughter rides and the other one goes to the skate park, so we do tend to spend quite a bit of the day racing them from one place to another. Sundays are more chilled, with long walks and lunch, either at home with friends or at our favourite spot, The Daneway Inn, Sapperton.

    How has motherhood changed you, and did it differ third time around?

    I have always wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember, and have been one since I met my husband at the age of 23, who already had an eight-year-old son at the time, so I don’t really remember life before children to be honest! I definitely found it a lot more challenging the more children I had because there is just less and less time, and invariably I end up feeling like I’m spreading myself too thinly in all areas.

    So how do you manage to strike that work-life balance? 

    I spend two or three days a week working from home so I can still do the school run and be there for the kids after school. It is really challenging balancing it all out, but I have a phenomenal team and a magical nanny for the days that I am in London. I think because I’ve been doing it for so long now, I just seem to have found that balance.

    With her eldest, Moses, who, she says, has the ‘same sense of humour’

    What, for you, is the best thing about being a mother?

    The absolute selfless and all-consuming love that comes with it. I love watching my children grow into funny little individuals, and my eldest is nearly 12, so he has become a real little mate. There is no one I like hanging out with more. We have exactly the same sense of humour, so spend a lot of time laughing our heads off together.

    Where do you like to shop for your children? 

    All over the place. We get a lot of basics from Zara, H&M and Next, and for something more special I go to Scotch & Soda and Monsoon, and Rachel Riley for super-pretty party dresses. All the children have very individual styles and aren’t at all fashion conscious – thankfully! I think it’s because we live in the countryside and it’s just not a part of their reality yet.

    Where do you like to go when you have some time to yourself?

    I love New York. I have a bridal line with Stone Fox Bride and a lot of my best friends live there, so when I go, I get to have a bit of me-time with friends and to really focus on my work, which is a rare thing – and something I cherish.

    What’s currently in the pipeline work-wise for you? 

    I’m launching a make-up line in October with British beauty brand Bagsy. It’s essentially a collection of handbag essentials, and I’m super excited about it because part of the profits are going towards Women For Women International, an empowering charity that helps women in countries affected by war and conflict. They are doing amazing things – I could rave about them for hours!

    Savannah Miller X Bagsy is available from October 2016, in-store and online at Debenhams and