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    New data reveals the boys and girls names with the highest earning potential as Leo and Rose rank highest out of the UK’s most popular names.

    With the most popular baby names of 2019 recently being unveiled, job search engine Adzuna has analysed data from 1.5 million CVs to reveal the kids names with the highest earning potential.

    Working with Nameberry data and ValueMyName, which combines AI technology with algorithms to gauge earning potential, Adzuna was able to identify the most valuable names.

    Boys names are still showing at a higher value than girls names, with the most popular boys’ name, Leo, (41,722) earning £11,000 more than Rose (£30,099). Guess there’s still work to be done concerning the gender pay gap.

    Top 5 most popular boys names and their earning potentials


    Potential earnings: £41,722


    Potential earnings: £37,786


    Potential earnings: £37,342


    Potential earnings: £35,536


    Potential earnings: £33,298

    Credit: Ben White via Unsplash

    Top 5 most popular girls names and their earning potentials 


    Potential earnings: £30,099


    Potential earnings: £28,413


    Potential earnings: £28,396


    Potential earnings: £27,645


    Potential earnings: £27,445

    Although these names were listed the most popular as names with highest earning potential, the names set to rake in the most do not actually appear in the most popular list for 2019.

    Below are the monikers which will reportedly make the most money.

    Top 10 names with the highest earning potential for men

    1. Ed – £61,362

    2. Bill – £56,731

    3. Geoff – £53,991

    4. Bob – £53,025

    5. Mike – £52,986

    6. Phil – £52,900

    7. Dave – £52,291

    8. Andy – £51,904

    9. Ken – £51,157

    10. Tim – £51,146

    Top 10 names with the highest earning potential for women

    1. Liz –  £38,792

    2.  Jo £38,741

    3. Michelle £36,305

    4. Alexis. £36,240

    5. Jean £35,468

    6. Philippa. £35,027

    7. Sue. £35,013

    8. Anne. £34,466

    9. Carolyn £34,355

    10. Kate £33,385


    One interesting outcome from the study is that the most successful workers typically use nicknames in their professional lives.

    Both male and female names achieved a higher earning potential with a shortened version of their full name. Whilst Liz ranked highest for women, Elizabeth is valued £9,000 less – coming in at £29,882. Similarly, for men, Edward came in at £37,754 which is £23,608 less than those named Ed.

    Doug Monro, co-founder of Adzuna, suggested that they are able to climb the ‘career tree’ faster because of their informality and approachability. Therefore, to help secure the highest pay,  job seekers may want to adopt a nickname.

    Doug also commented on the gender pay gap, as the highest-earning names are typically seen as ‘male’ names. He suggests that companies should adopt blind recruitment practices in order to help to correct this imbalance and eliminate discrimination. In the future he expects the weighting towards traditional male names to become less pronounced as workplaces become more diverse and gender-neutral.

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