NCT is launching shorter, more affordable antenatal courses across London called NCT Essentials.

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    NCT is launching shorter, more affordable antenatal courses across London called NCT Essentials.

    Essentials antenatal courses are running from January and February 2014 across the capital in almost 20 areas from Brixton to Enfield and Hackney to Ealing.

    NCT Essentials courses are designed to meet the needs of busy parents and parents on a budget. The new classes will be more structured than traditional NCT courses, and are designed to equip new parents with important information and tips for early parenting.

    The charity wants to reach out to parents in new areas, whatever their background or income. NCT currently supports around 100,000 parents a year and, as the birth rate in the UK continues to rise, it aims to reach 20 million parents by 2020.

    There is evidence that antenatal education leads to higher levels of satisfaction with the experience of giving birth, can improve maternal well-being and increase the confidence of parents with their baby.¹ NCT worked with the Department of Health to develop antenatal courses to support parents not just through the process of birth but through the crucial First 1,000 Days.²

    Belinda Phipps, CEO, NCT said:
    “Everyone wants to be the best parent they can be. Evidence shows that preparing for the birth of your baby and being a parent with an NCT course improves your confidence and helps give you skills you need.

    “But not everyone is able to spend as much time and money as they would like on preparation. So we’ve designed a course that is the same NCT quality but covers the basics over a shorter number of hours and is more easily affordable.”

    Areas covered over the six structured two-hour sessions will include the impact of birth on relationships, feeding and nutrition, and birth and labour. The cost of the courses start from £175 for a couple or £115 for a new mum attending alone.

    These new courses will sit alongside traditional NCT Signature antenatal courses. Signature courses focus more on preparation for birth and are more bespoke, designed around the needs of the mums and dads taking part. All NCT courses are led by specially trained practitioners.

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