New App on the Block: Little Big Foot


    Everyone’s talking about Little Big Foot, the new interactive storytelling app with big credentials and even bigger heart.

    Little Big Foot was just your regular, everyday Big Foot until he decided that there might be more to life than strolling through the mountains and being snapped by conspiracy theorists and hikers. He travels to the big city in search of adventure and finds himself a celebrity. But the big city and his new-found stardom are not what he expected. Soon he realises that everything he was ever looking for was inside him all along.

    The heartwarming tale of adventure, home and family is brought to life with stunning visuals and creative flair by screenwriter Peter Kline and filmmaker and video game creative director Alex De Rakoff, who bring a cinematic dynamism to the app. Says Rakoff: “As parents we wanted to develop a beautiful story with imagination and depth while also embracing the latest in interactive design.”

    Perfect for that precious downtime with your mini reader, Little Big Foot is a wonderful story for parent and child to share, ideally suited for kiddies under 5.

    Tempted? Good thing Little Big Foot is available for free download now, for a limited time only…

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