New Test For Down’s Syndrome



    A new, non-invasive pregnancy test is being offered by Ultrasound Diagnostic Services at its Harley Street clinic.

    The Harmony Test is designed to establish if an unborn baby is at risk of chromosomal abnormalities such as down’s syndrome. Because the test is non-invasive there is no risk for miscarriage or other risks associated with invasive testing procedures.

    For more information on the test, contact the clinic on 020 7935 2243.


    Down’s syndrome, also known as Down syndrome, is a genetic condition that typically causes some level of learning disability and a characteristic range of physical features.

    Most babies born with Down’s syndrome are diagnosed with the condition after birth and are likely to have:

    • reduced muscle tone leading to floppiness (hypotonia)
    • eyes that slant upwards and outwards
    • their palm may have only one crease across it (palmar crease)
    • a below average weight and length at birth

    Although children with Down’s syndrome share some common physical characteristics, they do not all look the same. A child with Down’s syndrome will look more like their mother, father or other family members than other children with the syndrome.

    People with Down’s syndrome also vary in personality and ability. Everyone born with Down’s syndrome will have a degree of learning disability. The level of learning disability will be different for each individual (source: NHS Choices

    For more help and advice about Down’s Syndrome, contact the Down’s Syndrome Association