Childcare Vouchers Are Not Just For Nurseries


    Many parents will be breathing a sigh of relief as children return to school but it’s not a smooth transition for all families.

    The school day just does not fit in with many parents’ work commitments and there is a growing need for greater flexiblility.

    Before and after-school clubs offer a great solution to parents’ problems and to make using them more affordable, working parents can use Childcare Vouchers. There are many myths about the vouchers, in particular that they can only be used to pay for nurseries and care for young children.

    In reality, Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for any registered childcare provider for children up to the age of 16. This includes school clubs, nannies, au pairs, child-minders, nurseries, holiday camps in the October half-term period and more.


    It is a simple way to save on childcare costs; parents swap a part of their salary for Childcare Vouchers, which are non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance contributions. If you take the full amount available, currently £55 per week, this can save a working parent £933 each year, depending on their personal circumstances.

    With the Government’s new tax-free Childcare scheme delayed until 2017, Childcare Vouchers are still the best option for working parents to save on childcare.

    Parents whose employer doesn’t offer a Childcare Voucher scheme can contact Busy Bees Benefits, which will get in touch with their employer to set up a scheme. For more information about Childcare Vouchers and the savings they provide, visit Busy Bees Benefits.