News: Get Safe Online Week 2015


    This week is Get Safe Online Week. The annual campaign, organised by Get Safe Online, aims to raise awareness of online crime and encourage confident, safe internet use.

    Research earlier this year stated children in the UK spend up to 28 hours a week looking at screens and that 73% of under-fives use tablet computers and phones.

    New research by internet and mobile security expert BullGuard has revealed that during a typical weekend, the average child sends and receives more than 100 emails, texts and instant messages. Increased social media usage in children means they are exposed to more online dangers.

    BullGuard’s survey reveals that parents are anxious about what their child is doing online. Six in ten parents check their child’s smartphone and over half check their internet history.

    Furthermore, a quarter of those who check their child’s smartphones and tablets are shocked at what they find. Parents said they were alarmed to find evidence of online bullying, offensive language and discussions about sex.

    Indeed, over half of parents have now set rules in place with regards to their online usage such as sharing their passwords with them and not using gadgets before bedtime.

    Cam Le, chief marketing officer for BullGuard, said: “Clearly parents want to protect their children from harm – yet they also to want to ensure their kids do not miss out on the fantastic things the web has to offer.

    “With the internet ever evolving it’s no wonder mums and dads are troubled by what they see as a lack of control. However there are lots of steps they can take to help ensure their children are safe.”

    See for more information and advice on how to keep your children safe online.