News: Portable North Pole


    With technology constantly opening up new and exciting ways for children to interact with the world around them, Christmas can be even more magical with Portable North Pole, as Santa delivers his own personal video message to a new generation.

    Portable North Pole has already captivated over 100 million fans across the globe with its online service or free-to-download app (Android and iOS) delivering wonderment via the web by connecting children directly to Santa in the North Pole. In its eighth year, it now has more than ever to offer to create an enchanted Christmas experience like no other.

    Looking ahead to the Christmas 2015 holiday season, Santa is once again about to open his virtual portal to allow parents and caregivers access to help send free personalised video messages from him. With a bit of help from the grown-ups, the PNP console conjures up a message that delivers a unique emotional experience like no other. What could be more magical for little ones than to receive a message where Santa addresses them directly and knows so much about them?

    For even more of a thrill, parents can choose a Premium video message and select from seven new storylines as well as access to Santa’s Verdict, the announcement we anticipate all year long: to find out whether the recipient has been naughty or nice.

    You can also upgrade the experience to the Gold Pass and unlock much more festive fun, send an unlimited amount of personalised Premium messages to your loved ones and access unlimited downloads in HD. Keep your videos forever!

    Finally, the PNP Children’s Hospital Program gives back at the most important time for giving. For every purchase made online, PNP will give 5% too many UK hospitals, with over $100,000 donated since the program began.